Sunday 20 Aug 2017

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The Supply Chain Carbon Council has been actively researching the carbon management market as it pertains to the supply chain since 2007.

During this time we have gained a solid reputation as an independent expert body versed in not only best practise, but also the tools required to effectively manage carbon emissions both enterprise-wide and to product level.

Through our extensive research it has been established that it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to actively and cost-effectively communicate the work they have done to reduce their carbon emissions and remain without adequate recognition for their efforts. This lack of recognition is a particular ‘unfair disadvantage’, as there is also a parallel increase in the number of organizations specifically looking to do business only with accredited ‘low-carbon’ companies and suppliers. The significance of this is expected to become more poignant over the coming years.

Equally it is also difficult to find the appropriate suppliers and solutions to assist with their carbon reduction initiatives and do need to see that their suppliers and solutions are recognised by an independent body.

The Carbon Council provides independent accreditation to those organisations deemed to provide a professional service and concrete solutions in relation to carbon emissions management and reporting.

Those organisations wishing to apply for Accreditation or are contacted in relation to  their Accreditation status must meet a number of conditions in order to receive accreditation by the Carbon Council.

  • Provide solutions, be they consultancy, software or hardware that have a material impact in measuring, managing and reporting carbon emissions data.
  • Have a proven track record in delivery and a high level of customer service.
  • Provide the Carbon Council with all relevant case studies/white papers for consideration.
  • Provide any testimonials where applicable in support of the application.

Once Accreditation is approved the qualifying company will receive a Certificate of Accreditation confirming such and the Carbon Council Accredited logo which should then be used on their website and all marketing promotional information as an identifying standard of their carbon management status.

The Carbon Council will register the Accreditation on our open source database and publish the solutions of accredited organizations on the official website of the European Supply Chain Institute.

Those organisations who have achieved Accreditation are able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and position themselves as a supplier of choice within the carbon management marketplace.


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