Sunday 20 Aug 2017

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When it comes to carbon management in the supply chain without a doubt the most compelling goal is Product Level CarbonFootrpinting. If we consider the fact that over 45% of annual global carbon emissions are coming from the products that consumers buy and use everyday it is becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers and retailers to ignore the fact that this figure is too high.

In order to reduce this figure it is necessary for manufacturers to firstly understand the full carbon lifecycle of their products and then to take steps to reduce these emissions where possible and in particular in the product design/manufacturing phase.

Once again it is vital to realise the role that ICT can play in this field and in particular the application of Lifecycle Assessment methodologies and Software.The Carbon Council has already initiated the RFID Emissions Track/NFC Emissions Display project that aims to deal with some of the issues surrounding product carbon footprinting, using RFID to track individual products emissions as they pass through the supply chain.

However it is necessary firstly for manufacturers to apply LCA methodologies at the design/manufacturing stage to their products in order to provide the level of detail required on their products environmental performance.

We are now initiating a programme that will bring clarity to how LCA can play a key role in Product Level Carbon Footprinting.

A number of issues will be addressed through this programme:

  • Understanding how LCA can be used to identify supply chain issues and provide insight to where most social and environmental impacts occur.
  • Understanding the goals companies are setting around green products.
  • Evaluating the total social, environmental and economic impacts of a product and addressing how this can be mitigated in the product design process.
  • How to implement LCA for individual products efficiently.
  • How to evaluate sustainable product design tools.
  • Identify what key stakeholders in the Supply Chain require from Sustainable Product Design

We are now contacting selected organisations to provide information to the project and we will also be showcasing the solutions available to the supply chain from the LCA industry.

Those organisations being invited to participate will have the opportunity to educate the market on the importance of LCA when it comes to Product Level Carbon Footprinting.


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